Friday, September 10, 2010

Farewell sw. . .well. . .somewhat grumpy cat

I have a bit of sad news, we lost Scooter on August 22. As I had written back in June he was doing well, the left eye was healing well and things were good. Then he started to have some more problems, in particular with his right eye in July and the sinus infection seemed worse. We got him in to the vet and tried to deal with both problems. Then the right eye got much worse and when he was in for that they discovered the sinus infection had gone systemic. He was a tough little cat, but I think it was too much for him to beat.

He was a grump, a pest and begged for food more than any of the dogs we've had. I will remember him the most for the many unique ways he came up with to get my attention (which included pulling the lamp off the nightstand) and the fact that there was very little he wouldn't eat. The latter was the funniest to me, when I picked him up as a kitten the breeder told me that he had a delicate stomach and needed to eat only a specific type of food. In the first few months we had him E and I were sitting on the couch and E was eating Salsa Verde Doritos. He dropped one on the floors and as he was reaching for it we saw a little black paw come out from under the coffee table to snag it. We heard a lot of crunching and the next thing we knew there was Scooter looking for another chip. At that point we knew that he did not have a delicate stomach, in fact he would eat a lot of things the dogs wouldn't even consider and never had a problem. A plate sitting on the coffee table was fair game and I have fond memories of looking over and just seeing the top of his head and ears sticking up behind E's plate. I'm pretty sure that he was one of a kind, and really that's probably for the best.

Rest in peace little man and I hope they have an easy access, all you can eat buffet in the afterlife for you. I expect if they do you'll run into Fels there too.