Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday night kitty picture

Some people go out and party on Friday nights, me I stay home and surf the net or play games. Oh and as of tonight post cat pictures on my blog. This Whiskey trying to help with product pictures again.

And yes I do have a lot of pictures of her mainly because she stays in one place and let me click away. The other cats are much harder to photograph, Cami and Rogue are too curious about the camera, Damian and Storm are a bit too jumpy, and Toffee moves around too much. The two worst ones though are Cleo and Scooter. Cleo insists on yelling at you if the camera out, even if you are using it for something else. I have to do my best paparazzi imitation and use the camera on my phone to even hope to catch her, and even then I get one chance. Scooter is just hard to take pictures of, if you aren't careful and get reflection from his eyes you get a picture of a demonic pile of black fur with ears.

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