Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gratuitous cat pictures

Taking product pictures can be a frustrating project because the cats insist on being in the middle of things. Half of the time it's because they have to see what I'm doing, the rest of the time it's because they want to get close to the window which invariably means they are sitting right where I want to be setting up to take pictures. This weekend I did a set of pictures and had to shoo Whiskey out of the way several times. I knew she had stayed nearby but I had no idea how close by she was until I finished the pictures and looked to my left and saw this.

I love the nonchalant pose, I almost expected her to look over and say "Oh, hello. I had no idea you were there." The frightening thing is that it is one of the better pictures I have of her mainly because I was set up for product photos.

The next picture has a bit of a story too. One of the big bits of news from the end of last year is that we replaced our old TV and got a flat screen TV which meant we had to get a different entertainment center. Storm had taken to sleeping on top of the old entertainment center and as you can see she is registering her displeasure at the loss of her napping spot.

At one point she was curled up and laying up there and I realized that if anything broke she would come crashing down on me. . .

Friday, January 16, 2009

Square peg

Back, many moons ago, I realized that I didn't fit in. The weird thing is that no matter what I did, whether it was wearing it like a badge of honor or reaching a somewhat sullen level of acceptance I was never really truly comfortable with the idea. I realized last year at my 20 year class reunion that I'm finally comfortable with it but never really thought about why. I think I've finally figured it out, I've accepted the idea that no one fits in entirely anywhere. There are places that we fit in better than others but there always going to be some way that we don't quit fit. It normal, since it is a side effect of people having different interests and perspectives, and it's completely OK.

I may be wrong about all of, which wouldn't surprise me at all, but it made my reunion a bit less boring so I think it works out in the end.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Taste?

Another long gap in entries, and I guess that's just the way this works for me. I'm not terribly surprised, I've done the same thing when I tried to keep a diary.

My most recent bit of news is that it appears that a good chunk of the things that I thought were sinus headaches were actually migraines. This means a couple of things, the first being that it means I've taken a bunch of medication, including antibiotics, when I didn't need to which I'm not happy about. It's meant that I've had to wean myself off one of them and I don't like the idea that I've contributed to the misuse of antibiotics. I know it isn't my fault, and that migrains are frequently misdiagnosed as sinus headaches but it still bothers me. The second is that I've had to play detective and figure out what the causes of the migraines are. So far I know that the main triggers so far are my period and pressure changes. I think that big shifts in my sleep patterns may be another one. Thankfully caffiene does not seem to be a trigger and I have found that if I have some at the right point it can reduce the intensity of a migraine.

I also get to have a prescription for a medication that is a migraine interruptor. As with all my medications, I go out on the internet and check out the warnings and side effects before I get it filled, and it all seemed pretty standard. The medication came with a patient information slip and because I'd checked out side effects already I didn't look at it closer until recently. Along with having side effects that match up with the symptoms of a migraine it also had a huge list of potential side effects, including a few that I have no idea how to interpret.

One is dream abnormality. I'm not sure about anyone else, but my dreams are generally pretty strange and chaotic so what would constitute dream abnormality, maybe a dream about an ordinary day at work?

A second interesting one is inability of the tongue to move. I'm not even sure what to think of that one. Is this actual paralysis of the tongue or is it stumbling over words like you're drunk?

The final interesting one is bad taste. As someone one the snopes messageboard said this is really ambiguous. Does it mean you get a bad taste in your mouth, that you yourself taste bad, or that you sudden begin to want gold lame flares or to put in multicolored shag carpet?

So far the medication has worked well and no serious side effects yet. I'm watching out for a sudden desire of tacky knick kncaks and an interest in polyester though. . .