Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sooo. . .

Another long stretch between blogs. I guess it doesn't matter much, it's not like I have a huge audience hanging on my every word who will get upset if I don't post.

At any rate I've had a busy month since I last posted. I got to see Eddie Izzard when he performed in Denver which was just amazing. I got to do the complete fangirl thing and get a Cake or Death? t-shirt and mug. Right after that I went to my 20th high school reunion which was interesting. I got to catch up with some of my good friends from then which was great, but I was also reminded how much I don't quite fit in. The big different is at 38 I have learned to go with it. The truly weird thing was how many people I didn't really get along with or who ignored me seemed glad to see me. I was a good person and did not let the snark out at that point, but I talked to E about it afterwards.

I also had two custom orders to work on, one of which was quite a challenge. I'm used to trying to make something based on a picture or a set of measurements, but this was my first try at making a copy of a costume piece from a TV show and it was quite difficult. For one it's hard to get good clear pictures of the piece and second, they never show the whole piece so you have to do a ton of guessing. In the end I got it done, however I wasn't really happy with some aspects of it. Luckily the customer got it in time and thought it was perfect and that's all that really matters.

This year was going to be my first attempt at selling my leatherwork at the craft show that A and I have sold jewelry at so I ended up being incredibly busy working on getting ready for that. Then we had rain for two straight days starting the Friday before the day of the show so it was cancelled. I'm still a bit disappointed, but it does put me ahead on making things for my Etsy shop I guess it worked out.

I'm sure there's something I'm missing but I'll have to post that later if I remember it.

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