Thursday, July 24, 2008

Iron Crafter

Tonight we were lazy and went out for dinner at Old Chicago. We forgot that Thursday is Karoke night at the bar there and they fired up about the time we were finishing eating. A family was sitting across the aisle from us and the father stopped the waitress and asked if someone was trying to sing.

She sighed and said "It's karaoke night so we get to hear the same people who can't sing do the same songs again. They really ought to let us drink so we can make it through it."

We laughed as did the people across the aisle and the father looked over at us and said, "it sounds like they need Simon from Idol to come in and help them out."

This all lead to a conversation on knowing what you are are and aren't good at which got me thinking. I know I don't sing well, and since I can trip walking on flat ground in sensible shoes dancing is right out, so there aren't any reality shows I can do. What we need is a reality show for crafters and artisans, something like Iron Chef. An Iron Crafter where you have people with different skills going head to head making stuff and there would always be a mystery supply that had to be used that would be revealed with a flourish. . ."Tonight your mystery supply is glitter!" which would cause the contestants to groan and rework their entire project.

I think it could work. . .or at the very least be entertaining.