Monday, June 16, 2008

Random shopping

I stopped by the store after work to pick up a few little things, filtered waters (for the birds), dish washing detergent and non-dairy creamer. I came home with those things plus corn chips, hair ties, two frozen dinners and some really cool three tone crayons. The scary thing is this is completely normal. It is nearly impossible for me to do a shopping trip and get just the things on my list. Sometimes it's because I remember something that should be on the list while I'm at the store, but other times it is completely random. I was reminded that my shopping online can be just as bad when I got home because my most recent order from Amazon was here. I got the first Peatbog Faeries CD and then decided I wanted to shoot for the free shipping so I got two books on physics and cosmology. I'm just waiting to see what sort of recommendations that generates from Amazon.

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