Monday, January 28, 2008

Darkness Darkness

Darkness Darkness
Hide my yearing
For the things that cannot be
Keep my mind from constant turning
Towards the things I cannot see.
-"Darkness Darkness" The Youngbloods

I know I haven't written in a while. I wish I could say that I've been out doing exciting things, but really I haven't been. To be honest, I've been avoiding writing here because I wasn't quite ready to really face what has been going on over the last two months. I can't remember if I ever talked about it here before but I had a co-worker R who had been fighting colon cancer for the past two years. She had really been struggling the second half of lasst year and in December she started to have more and more problems and lost her battle. It has meant that going to work has been incredibly difficult, because of both the air of lingering sorrow and the stress of taking on extra work. I feel like I'm just barely keeping my head above water at times, the only thing that makes it bearable has been that I work with some really fantastic people.

I really thing the only things that are allowing me to keep my tenuous grasp on sanity are the fact that I'm so far behind at work and making things. Hopefully as time goes on I'll write a bit more frequently here, but I can't make any promises. Feel free to check out my project blog, I'm going to at least try to post about what I'm making on a regular basis. Think of it as the cyber equivalent of holding a mirror in front of my nose to make sure I'm still breathing.


Beth said...

Noemi, I'm so sorry. I check in on your blog all the time and have been wondering how you were doing. I've never experienced that kind of loss in the workplace, but I can imagine it must be very sad and very difficult.

{{{{HUGS}}}} to you.


Noemi said...

Thank you. :-)