Saturday, September 15, 2007

A few random thoughts in passing

I'm just taking a break before I dive back into working on leather stuff, so just a few random thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain based on things going on around me.

Thought the first:
If you are going to include that line from the X-Files, 'the truth is out there', on you website, in your blog, in your forum posts or in casual conversation it automatically adds a woowoo factor to anything you say from that point on in my mind. It's unfortunate too because it tends to obscure your point if you're trying to say something serious and it causes me to be overcome with the urge to make you a tinfoil beanie.

Thought the second:
Dramatically saying you are going to stay away from something or not participate in something as a protest may have the unexpected side effect of proving that you aren't as important or as essential as you may have thought. It's especially silly when what you are staying away from is something very popular, like say ordering breakfast for delivery, and the end result is that you make things easier for the person you are trying to cause problems for.

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