Thursday, June 28, 2007


The weekend trip was fun, and I even have pictures, which I'll try to get uploaded this weekend. I realized a few things though.

1. Walking to the Wynn at night when everyone is out and it's still 100 F is a bad time to remember you don't like crowds or heat.

2. Air conditioning is nice, but it's a bit high when a person who doesn't like being hot has to go outside into the 100 + F to warm back up.

3. I notice odd things at places we visit.

The last one requires a bit of explanation. We walked down to the Wynn Friday night just to take a look at it and I ended up completely enthralled with the decor, particularly the floors. The carpet had a very unusual design, it was burgundy with different asymmetrical floral sprays arranged on it and there wasn't a set pattern to how the designs repeated, and then the same design was carried over into tile mosaics in the marble floor. I got so excited by the designs that I ended up taking pictures, and they will probably end up inspiring a tooling design or two or three. The problem ends up being that no one else shares my interest so I end up feeling really out of place.

The Wynn also provided me with a truly surreal moment too. We had walked down onto a lower level to look out at the area where they do a light show outside and I saw a group of young women at one of the bars. I guessed it was a bachelorette party based on the fact that one of them was wearing a veil and she seemed to be carrying a largish, pink stuffed animal. I didn't really think about them again until just before we left and decided to stop by the bathroom on our way out. I rounded the corner into the women's room to find that the bachelorette party was there and were facing towards the mirror that was on the wall behind me. The surreal part is that the largish pink thing I had noticed was actual a large, inflatable penis (with a cartoon smiley face on the tip) and the bride to be was standing there holding it at about groin level. I stopped, stared and I think my jaw dropped a bit because I was faced with a relatively petite woman holding a large inflatable penis in front of her in roughly the correct placement. It felt like it took me forever to break out of the shock, dodge around them and make it to the relative safety of the stalls. I couldn't even manage a snappy comment or anything, I just got out of the way.

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Sunny Rising Leather said...

Vegas is insane. I just went there for the first time and I don't know if I have to strength to return :P