Friday, May 11, 2007

Yes, I know

I'm back to not being good abut updating my blog here. Part of it is still trying to get a good rhythm of making stuff and doing my online stuff and the rest is that I'm getting my craft area organized. People who know will be surprised by this, my mother would be stunned, because I'm not the tidiest person in the world. I'm a flat surface clutterer and this was just made worse by having three people's worth of stuff in the house. After A moved we had rearranged the upstairs but had done very little with the bedroom she had used in the basement beyond using it store some boxes of things that we wanted to get rid of. In the past few months E had been talking about moving his computer down there so he had more room and I had more space in the back room for my craft and leather working supplies. A week or so ago E started to get his computer and other stuff moved downstairs and we got a new shelf for the back room so I've been working on getting things cleaned up and organized back there. I won't be able to finish it complete until we get a shelf for the closet, but it's crazy enough back there that this is keeping me busy.

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