Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has been a weird holiday for me since the point where I was old enough to really understand our family history. This is because there is one person that has truly impressive military service in my family a person who severed as an aviator in WWI suffering pretty serious injuries and went on to serve in WWII. It's the type of thing you expect to be remembered and talked about on Memorial Day, right? There's a small hitch though, it is my Opa and he was serving in the German military and Luftwaffe. It makes for a really weird disconnect with the rampant patriotism you see around this weekend. E always tells me that the day is supposed to be for memorials to anyone, but that's not what happens usually, so I try to keep myself away from the overly patriotic stuff and do my own little memorial. I just wish it could be a day to do a memorial for anyone.

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