Sunday, May 20, 2007

A mellow Sunday

It's been a nice quiet Sunday. I got most of the housework done yesterday so I went out and did a bit of shopping today. I ended up spending a good bit but I had expected that. I got two new pairs of Marrells, a pair of Mary Janes and a pair of sandals, I figured I should go ahead and get them now so that I can be sure that they were broken in before we go to Vegas next month. The sandals shouldn't need much, they are light little strappy things, but the Mary Janes are a bit stiff at the heel so I'll want to wear them a bit. I also picked up a couple of things we needed like new rugs for the bathroom. The only real splurge was a new shirt, so I didn't do too bad.

I didn't realize quite how mellow it was until I saw this though:

It's hard to see his face due to the back lighting, but that is Scooter in the front laying in the sun with Cami laying behind him resting her head on his hip. This may actually be a sign of the end of the world because Scooter doesn't let the other cats lay against him or even get this close. If I come across one of the cats grooming Scooter I'll know the end is near.

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