Friday, April 13, 2007

Scooter's big adventure

Yesterday was our big trip to the CSU Veterinary teaching hospital to see if they could figure out what the lump is. The appointment was at 9:30 and started out with two student vets getting the history and vitals. Scooter of course was not impressed with any of this and hissed several times which is odd for him. They left to go talk to the vet and we waited. Thankfully it was enough time to let Scooter settle down because he got handled again when the vet, Dr. D, came in. She was excellent with him because she'd check something and give him time to relax then check something else. She was just as puzzled as our vet here had been so she wanted to see about doing some more testing. Luckily thy were able to get it all done yesterday so we left Scooter and they took him to get blood tests, chest x-rays, a CT scan and another biopsy since the lump had regrown. They said they would call when it was all done.

We left to do some shopping, including looking at vehicles since E's car was getting close to being on it's last legs. He had been checking online and one dealership had a very good and responsive internet sales department so he wanted to stop there first. We found the salesman that E had been referred to and he got us set up to do some test drives. E decided he liked the first truck we drove, which was strangely enough the one he had emailed about, and so he filled out the initial paperwork and we went to get lunch. After lunch we stopped by a fabric store I had heard was going out of business. While we there the car dealership called back and said they had everything ready to go so we went back to get the final paperwork done on the new truck. At that point it was around 3 in the afternoon and still nothing from the vet's office, so we drove back up there and sat for a bit until I pointed out to E that just sitting and waiting was making the whole process worse for me so we went to walk around the mall and while we were walking E's cell phone started buzzing and said he had a message, even though neither of us had heard it ring. It was the vet student, D, calling with an update, Scooter was just going into get the CT scan at that point. We went and did a bit more shopping and then went bake to the teaching hospital. D came out and gave us a more detailed update, including the fact that there were some problems when they had sedated Scooter to get the x-rays. Shortly after that Dr. D met with us and we got the full run-down. The x-rays had been clear, but they had sedated Scooter to get them taken and he either had stopped breathing or was breathing so shallowly they couldn't see it, so he was rushed to critical care where they reversed the sedation and started to do kitty CPR. He came out of it swinging so Dr. D is thinking he just had a brief period of apnea from the drug that was used for the sedation. All the other tests had gone well . The lump still looked vaguely tumor-like but has the vets there puzzled too. When the radiologist, who has been there for a very long time, looked at the CT scan films his first comment was "Well, that's weird". They had called the oncologist in to do the biopsy and she thought it was odd too because the exterior of the lump is very hard but it had a squishy center. As Dr. D said, we really have more questions than answers after all of that but we do know a few things. The lump is up around Scooter's jaw bone but it does not seem to be attached and it is not eroding the bone like a cancerous tumor would and there are a couple of reasonable surgical options once they figure it out.

At that point we left again for a bit since they wanted to make sure he was out of the anesthesia so we got coffee and sat and talked then went back and waited some more because Scooter just didn't want to come out of the anesthesia. We finally left around 7 pm. In the end, Scooter has continued his streak of confusing veterinarians and we're waiting for test results again. They are supposed to call early next week. Scooter is snuffly and a bit out of it today so we're keeping a close eye on him, but as Dr. D said yesterday, he's a tough little man, so he'll be fine I think.

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Bainwen Gilrana said...

Poor Scooter kitty. Sounds like he has a good prognosis, at least.