Sunday, April 29, 2007

I survived!

The feast was last weekend and despite early indications I survived and the whole thing was a great success. It was an interesting process. First we lost the site we had originally planned on using because of a scheduling mistake. Then at the last minute we ended up with one of the meats for the feast not being available and another being priced much higher than what was quoted. Thankfully, the autocrat and I had done this many times so we had a plan B for both and just had to back up a bit. Beyond those little glitches everything went very smoothly, there was plenty of food and everyone was happy. It took me a week to recover and get caught back up with everything else though which is why it took me until now to post.

Right before the event we got the final word on the mystery lump on Scooter. It's. . .well. . .it's still a mystery. The exterior is some sort of osteoma (bony growth) and the squishy part in the center is an abscess or infection of some sort. The options are to leave it or have it removed and we have decided to go with getting it removed. The trick will be getting that scheduled.

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Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Good luck with Scooter. I hate mystery lumps.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Off to check out your shop.