Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Talking to cats

I realized Monday that I spend an awful lot of time talking to cats. It's not in the baby-talk, crazy cat lady fashion either (well most of the time it's not), I tend to talk to them normally. A good chunk of that talk is things like "I can't read through you", "Did I say I wanted a cat sitting on my stuff?", "Hey, what are you doing up there?", "Stop trying to puncture me" and "Get out of there", but there are times when it is a bit more mutual. Cleo meows a lot and she meows in response to a person talking to her so it ends up sounding like a conversation, although I often feel like we are both talking to ourselves at the same time or maybe that we're humoring each other by responding and it's just cascaded. Damien likes to 'sing', do long sweeping meows in parts of the house that echo and if you here him doing it and respond he will come find you. Then there is when Whiskey and Cami are playing with a toy. They will chase it around and then carry it, meowing the whole time, to where you are. They don't stop meowing until you praise them, which sounds somewhat silly when you are praising them for catching a green foamy ball. That is unless you are overrun by foamy balls, and in that case I have some cats I'm happy to rent out to you.

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