Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is your cat. . .this is your cat on drugs

Scooter went in to the vet to have the lump on his chin checked out yesterday. We got good news, bad news and weird news out of it. The good news is that the lump did not have the characteristic glow of osteosarcoma on the x-ray. The bad news was that it firmly attached to his jaw and appears to be at least partially bone. The weird news is that the vet's office has no idea what it is. So, the vet went in and removed about 3/4 of the lump and it is being sent to Ft. Collins to CSU to be tested. Now we just have to wait and see what the lab has to see.

Scooter was able to come home last night which was nice, but he was still pretty drugged up so he could barely walk when he came out of the carrier. For his own safety, and to give him some relief from the other cats bugging him, I picked him up and moved him into the bedroom and shut the door. Normally he hates being picked up and carried, but this was like carrying a rag doll or a stuffed animal. By the time I let him out he was doing pretty well but he still was having a hard time walking so I was surprised to see him get up on the stand where we keep the dry cat food, as well as going around to make sure all the other cats' dishes were clean. By 5 this morning he was definitely back to his normal self because he got up on the bed and woke me up, mainly because he wanted more dry cat food. It was nice to see, but at least when he was still drugged up he left me alone and I could get some sleep.


Tom Bailey said...

I hope that scooter gets better for you.

Noemi said...

Thanks! He's doing really well, almost like nothing is wrong, which I feel is a good sign. I really want to know what the lab has to say about the mystery lump.