Monday, January 22, 2007


I slipped and fell when I went to put the dog out last night after she ate (which was right after my post here). As usual I have no idea how it happened, one minute I feel my foot sliding a bit, and then suddenly I'm going down. The worst part of it is that I partially landed on the poor dog who yelped and looked at me sorrowfully as if it were her fault. After a couple of seconds to get my wits back I drug myself up and went into the house to change clothes because it was snow on the deck and I was now cold and wet. I really expected to feel really stiff and sore this morning but I didn't. Now, over 24 hours after the fall, I feel like someone hit me with a truck and then came back and hit me with it a few more times. So I'll take more ibuprofen before bed and hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow.

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