Sunday, September 24, 2006

A normal Sunday afternoon

It's the usual Sunday afternoon here, working on housework and puttering around on the web which is nice after all the excitement last weekend. I got finished counting beads yesterday, with help from A who sorted and weighed the bag 'o mixed silver beads. I made the final entries in the spread sheet this morning. The bad part of all of it is that I'm pretty tired of looking at beads so I really don't want to work on anything. Hopefully that feeling will pass because we have a lot of new materials to use up.

I'm adding a post on some earrings I made earlier in the month to my project blog today too.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I survived

We went to the bead show and the gem and mineral show this last weekend and as always it was an experience. We stopped by the bead show first thing on Saturday since it was on our way into town. It take place in a hotel and the vendors are spread out between the ballroom, the atrium, and a side meeting room plus there is an entire hall of hotel rooms that have vendors set up in them. Last year we had wandered around and grabbed stuff that looked cool, which meant that we didn't always get the best deals. This time we did much better at doing some comparison shopping and looking for new and unusual beads. After we got done there we went to the gem and mineral show for a few hours. Again we did pretty well at finding some good deals and I found bracelets made out of bone Mahjong tiles strung on elastic that I can take apart and work into my own jewelry. The next morning we headed back to the gem and mineral show. Again we found some wonderful deals, although I think that had less to do with good comparison shopping and more to do with it being the last day of the show.

It's always interesting to me to go to these shows because it seems to be it's own little world. Have you ever seen shows on the diamond trade, with deals being sealed with a handshake and that's all? It is almost like that. If you pay with a credit card you end up with at least that receipt, but if you pay with cash, you are lucky to get an adding machine receipt. Usually what happens is they write it on the bag or you get nothing at all. Thankfully we only had one with nothing at all and I remember the price on that. This is the reason why it is taking me forever to try to get all of the new stone beads inventoried, because unless I remember what was a specific price, or we have one of the rare itemized receipts I have to sort out what cost what. The pearls are a bit better because they tended to be the same price per strand. I'm still not sure how the silver will be since it is by weight. I think it will be a complete pain to sort, but will be easy to work the price out on. Time will tell on that though.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's been a while

Lots of odds and ends of things going on here. I had a leather project that I finished up last week and that kept me pretty busy. I've also been doing some experimenting with using silver wire for jewelry, but I need to get more materials and better tools to do more with that. Next weekend is the Gem and Mineral Show and Bead Renaissance show in Denver so we will have a fun weekend of shopping for stuff for the business and I'm hoping to find what I need there. If not I've located some of it on the internet and order it when we get home.

This weekend I'll be doing some canning. It doesn't look like it was a good year for pickling cucumbers, all I could find at the farmer's market today were small ones. I got a quarter bushel of the cucumbers and I'm expecting 8 to 10 jars out of it. Thankfully I had already done 5 quarts of pickles using cucumbers from our garden, and we have another batch that will be ready soon, so I think we should end up with a decent number of jars. I've decided that I like doing it in smaller amounts like this, it is a lot less stress and work for me so we may end up planing one garden plot of pickling cucumbers next year so I can just do a few jars at a time.