Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another day, another infection?

I survived the crud that is going around at work and still ended up with a sinus infection. I know I should be used to this pattern by now, but it still get frustrating. This time Doc M* decided to run a scope into my nose to get a good look at eveything and that's not something I want to go through again. He couldn't get into the left sinus at all and had a darn hard time getting into the right sinus because of the inflammation, both of which worries me a bit. He didn't seem too worried about it, but I'm vaguely paranoid about things like that. I end up wondering if it's something I've done wrong or a problem I've caused, I guess it's probably and aspect of the obsessive part of my brain because it's so hard to let go of those thoughts. It's better now than it has been but I still wonder and worry a bit. He did say it looked like another infection and sent me on my way with my usual prescription for antibiotics so hopefully I can get it taken care of for a few months at least.

The good thing is that my sinus infections are very responsive to first line antibiotics. For one I'm allergic to some of the higher end ones (the class Cipro is in so no anthrax for me) and two it means that thus far I've avoided ending up with any nasty resistant strains. It does take a pretty high dosage and a longer course than normal though which generally shocks people, but I've been dealing with sinus infections for so long it's necessary. Thankfully I don't some of the adverse side effects like yeast infections, but I do have problems with my stomach towards the end of the course so I'll have to get yoghurt when we go shopping this weekend.

* This is to differentiate between my rheumatologist and my ENT doctor since they have the same last intial.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Office drama part 2

B was back at work today and I talked to her about what happened yesterday. She feels pretty badly about the whole thing because she feels like it's all her fault. I pointed out that while she made the initial mistake it's S and that group that are dragging it out and making it worse. I also found out that S hasn't actually come over and talked to B about it all. He got upset and went to his supervisor who then went to our supervisor who went back to B and then B apologized to S. To me that makes the whole petty incident from yesterday even worse because B has apologized, there isn't anything else she can do and S is doing this petty around the back attempt at revenge rahter than actually talking to B about it. I'm not surprised, because it seems completely in character for S, but I do find it funny because he's one of those guys that is full of talk and bluster. It's nice to see I was right and he really is all blow and nothing else.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Office drama

I can't really write too much about what I do at work, but I figure I can write about some of the odd things that go on behind the scenes as it were.

Right now we appear to have a situation going on. It started last Monday. I was out of the office sick, but apparently one of my co-workers, B, wanted to forward an email she had received from someone in another group, S, to our supervisor and gripe a bit because she felt that person was slacking off. Instead she replied and sent it back to him. It sounds like it was rather ugly at the time, but it seemed like it had settled down. Last Thursday I started wondering because a group of us get together to order breakfast on Thursdays and B is the person that collects the money and calls in the order. S and a few other people from that group usually order as well, but didn't. I wondered if it was huirt feelings, but it turns out that they had a carry-in for someone's birthday. Fast forward to today. B has been out sick for most of the week, so someone else did the order. When she called it in she found out that S had already called in a small order for their group, even after she had made sure go and ask if they wanted to order with us. He had told her no. Now it's possible that he didn't want to tell her that he'd already ordered, but that seems a really odd thing to lie about. It's also possible that he might have thought she had already ordered, but that doesn't explain how their order was put in before ours was. Those of us who know about the email fiasco think the other group is being petty and trying to get back at B. The funny part is that if they think they're going to get back at B this way they're in for a big surprise. It won't stop us from ordering as we can easily get a large enough order with out anyone from that group, plus it is better for B because she is dealing with a smaller order overall. I'm not sure if they realize it, but in the end it had backfired completely because it didn't hurt anyone, it actually would help B in the long run and they ended up looking like fools to other people in our office and the restrant we order from.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wearing blinders

I mentioned over in my projects blog I went down to a gem show with some friends yesterday. The show was fun, and I got some new stuff for us to work with for the business. The drive home, however, ended up being rather frustrating. In the course of the drive we ended up in a discussion on documentaries and one of my friends, L, said he didn't think much of the History channel because he saw a show because he knew for sure what they had said was wrong because Buddhism was a newer religion. I mentioned I didn't think that was right, but he swore it was because he learned it in the college course he took on comparative religions 10 years ago. His wife, D, nodded and strongly agreed with him. I checked when I came home, discovered that I was right and emailed him to let him know the correct information. After a short email exchange he said it was important to know the whole story and then said he saw the show a year ago and may not be remembering it correctly. I'm resisting the urge to email back and say if he doesn't know if he remembered the show correctly then why did he use it as the support for his argueement. I'm also trying to keep from emailing back and pointing out that he has sidestepped the fact that he was wrong about the age of Buddhism and that was what I was correcting him on. E told me I should've expected that response because L always sidesteps or ignores things that don't fit in his view of the world and D will support him blindly no matter what sort of ridiculous things he says. I guess it works for them, L is very proud of the fact that they've never really argued about anything their entire marriage, but it seems too restrictive to me. There's no room for disagreement or correction, no reason to evaluate your world view, no reason to try to learn new things or discover you may be wrong about something.

It makes me very glad that E and I (and A and I to a lesser extent) are not like that. We disagree and have differing opinions on a number of topics and we aren't afraid to disagree in public or say something if we think one of the others is doing something dumb or has incorrect information. Yes it means that we don't present that united family unit front, but I think in the long run it's healthier because we have to think and consider and keep learning and growning. The only down side is that it is damn hard not to say I told you so at times.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm not dead yet!

I definitely felt like it on Monday. Had some sort of cold-like upper respitory thing complete with congestion and feeling like someone had taken a rasp to my throat and nose. I decided to stay home from work and sleep on Monday and thankfully I seem to be getting over whatever it was now. I had to top that off by turning too quickly in my cubicle and jamming the pinky on my right hand into the wall. Fortunately I was able to find an ice pack and ice it down right away and it doesn't seem to be doing too badly right now. At this rate I'm getting a bit worried about what is going to happen on Friday.

The garden is continuing to do well, all of the seeds have sprouted and there's even a pepper on one of the pepper plants. The plan of watering every night for a short time seems to be making the difference, especially since it has been so hot lately. A is planning on coming over to help E weed on Friday and I'll be interested to see how it looks after that. (I'm not able to help much with the garden because of my joint problems. If I knelt down to weed I'd probably get stuck in that position. I'm the person who does the canning in the family so I work with the produce from the garden.)

The only other thing of note is that I think I've finally found the perfect sandals. I tend to pronate pretty badly and I've found that I need shoes with good arch support which is hard to find in sandals. I thought since I like Merrell shoes and the amout of arch support they have that I'd try their Palmetto slide in black and I'm in love. I wore them to work today and they were so comfortable that I finally took them off just a little bit ago. I only do that when a pair of shoes is really, really comfortable. Now I have to figure out if black sandals really do go with everything.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We really have a garden

We've got little vegetable plants coming up all over the place in the garden. The only thing I haven't seen is dill, which is a bit disappointing but I haven't given up hope since it is a weed. It does mean that we have to have a different plant growing where it isn't supposed to be for this year. It turns out that it is corn. Seeds from the old corn cobs got scattered on one side of the garden, then got tilled in and now there are little corn plants coming up all over the place. I think the fact that I have been trying to water the garden every night rather than doing a huge long watering we did last year has helped quite a bit. It's also a lot easier when I only have to work around my own water usage. I'm really excited to see how it all turns out and hopefully if we get a good yield I can work on trying to do a bit more canning. I have promised A that I'll try to do some tomatoes without salt that she can use for the birds and I'll do pickles of course. I will try to do jam again too, but I'll wait until I can get fruit or berries at Farmer's Market for that. I'll try to keep from letting it boil over this time too.

Friday, June 09, 2006

More money stuff

I had mentioned a week ago that E and I will be getting raises starting next month. Today we got the final word on it more or less. I'll just be getting the basic 3.5% raise, but that's really what I expected. E is getting reclassified (three years after they started the three month study on computer related jobs) and he found out today that they are asking for the high end of the wage band he will be going into which will be a nice amount of additional money. At this point we have a rough idea of what we want to do with it, more into savings and investing, a bit to bills and then E would like some for stuff for himself. We'll have to wait until we get our checks at the end of July to finalize the plan but we've at least an idea how we want to work things out. It's funny, we're just too practical to go out and blow all of the raises on something silly. I am glad that E decided he wants a set part of his raise for himself. For one, it's his money and he has every right to spend some of it on himself. The rest is that he hardly ever wants to spend money on himself and I think it's a nice he wants to now.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On comfort and shopping and not having much money left

E got the AC unit in last night and it is finally tolerable out here in the living room. In fact it's a bit chilly right now, but I am sitting here in a tank top and with wet hair. I may need to adjust it a bit to get the right balance, but it is quite a relief to be sitting here and the temperature is under 80 F.

We did some shopping last night. I got a couple more tank tops, one for out of the house wear and another to wear around the house. I hadn't planned it that way, but the second one is a bit tighter than I'm comfortable wearing out in public and E suggested keeping it for wearing around the house. It made a lot more sense than taking it back, hoping to find a larger size and then doing the exchange. And who knows, maybe I'll lose enough weight to feel comfortable wearing it out in public. I keep losing at least a pound a week just with watching what I eat and being more careful snacking so it could happen. And if it doesn't I have a nice tank top to hang around the house in. I also got a pair of Merrell sandals ordered, got a pair of the Airwalk clogs (the ones like Crocs) , and E got a new battery for his watch. Oh and I got talked into a new pair of earrings at the place where we got the watch battery and saw an amber bracelet I want to get next month. That is pretty much it for fun shopping for the month since we had a few unexpected bills to pay this month and I'd like to have a bit of a cushion in case something comes up. So we don't have a lot of money left, but we're in good shape.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Waiting for the house to cool off

June is off to a warm start. We had to do the big shopping expedition today plus there was stuff that had to be done at A's trailer so E didn't have time to get the AC unit up in the dining room. (I feel so sorry for him at times like this, he has twice the chores most guys do.) Without the AC unit int, I'm currently making do with open doors and ceiling fans, but it still pretty hot here in the living room and it's after 11 at night. He promised to get it in at the beginning of next week.

I'm realizing again how out of it I am fashion wise these days. I can get good outfits together for work, but I'm just at a loss when it comes to casual clothes for the summer. I broke down today while we were out and picked up a tank top because I think I need to get over my silly paranoia about how my upper arms look. The worst thing is that I'm not worried about them looking fat or flabby, because they aren't, I'm worried about how the skin looks. I have really dry skin and it has a tendency to develop little reddish bumps and I'm very self consious about it. I'm starting to realize that no one else even notices it so I am going to try to wear tank tops a bit more this summer. I don't expect I'll be able to get back in to wearing shorts so I'm trying to establish if a tank top with a knit skirt and sandals is an OK casual look. I'm also wondering if I just need to stop worrying about it and wear what I'm comfortable in. I hate my social anxiety.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I love having a three day weekend, but I hate how you get five days of craziness at work shoved into four days. We also have someone out due to a family emergency so I'm trying to keep their work queue from getting unmanageable. I keep hoping things settle down, but it doesn't seem to be happening so I'll just keep plugging along.

Wednesday was payday so I got to feel rich for a brief moment before I began to pay the bills. Then everything went back to normal. It is nice to be able to pay all the bills, get groceries, put money in the savings account and have a bit of money left. Even better we are slowly getting things paid off which helps as well. I'm just glad that we finally got to this point, because it definitely didn't feel like we ever were going to. Things are going to continue to get better too because starting next month both E and I will get the 3.5% raise that went through and E will finally get reclassified so he will get an additional raise on top of that which is supposed to be pretty nice. After that we will need to sit down and work out what to do with the money. I'd definitely like to put a bit more in savings a month but I'm not sure what else beyond that.