Monday, May 29, 2006

A quiet day off

I slept in a bit and worked on things around the house. We also went out and got flowers for the beds next to the garden so A and E could finish up with the garden. I had planned to clean the bird cage today but I never quite got that far. All the laundry and dishes are clean though. While we were out E and I went and looked at new air conditioners and think we found one that should work in the living room as long as we run the ceiling fans at the same time so that is taken care of I guess.

I wish I could get inspired enough to work on other stuff. I have a lot of projects to work on still and other stuff to do around the house, but I just couldn't get myself to do any of it today.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another one?

Today we went and gamed. It was a lot of fun, but there was a small problem. It's a small cute and calico problem in fact. One of the friends who owns the house we were at works at a veterinary clinic and the employees take turns taking home and caring for the litters of kittens that get brought in to the clinic. She had the last two kittens from the most recent litter she had and they were just adorable. One of them, a little dark tabby boy who was the runt of the litter, ended up going home with A. The other, a calico spent a lot of time laying near E and I and I ended the game with her crashed out across my left arm. She is so sweet and so cute and I'm really torn here because I'd love to bring her home. The problem is that there's already a lot of cats living here and I'm not sure if adding another one would be a good idea.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's hot in here

It's 10:30 at night and it is still 80 F in my living room. That's an improvement from earlier today but it's still a bit warmer than I'd like. I'm so glad it is supposed to be getting cooler starting tomorrow. Hopefully that will help me survive until payday when we can look at a new air conditioner for this part of the house. The only nice thing is that the back of the house, where the bedroom is, stays a lot cooler.

I think I'm going to give up and got get ready for bed. That way I can lay in front of the open window with the ceiling fan running and hopefully cool down enought to go to sleep.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dysfunction among other things

Finally at the end of another week. I'm still feeling drastically behind at work, but I'm hoping that with the employer meeting I had today out of the way my stress level will go down a bit. It doesn't help that it's a three day weekend near the end of the month and we're almost broke. The only saving grace is that Wednesday is payday.

Due to a thread over on the ULMB I've been thinking a bit about being dysfunctional. The thread is mainly focused on sexually related things that may be considered dysfunctional, but I've found it rather frustrating because it seems a bit too narrow. It seems like people focus on things that they consider dysfunctional related to sex and ignore the fact that we are all dysfunctional in some way or another. Why write off the fact that someone has to do things in a specific order or way as a quirk but have to label the fact that your sexual pleasure is tied to submission as a dysfunction? Both of them are. Maybe this point of view comes from the fact that I am acutely aware of my dysfunctions or maybe it's because I see things differently. I'm not sure. Of course it's set up a flurry of thoughts going about my quirks and dysfunctions and I'm starting to wonder if I'm really much worse off than I think I am. I'm definitely better getting treatment for the dysthymia, but I still have to make allowances for my social anxiety and I am happiest if I can do things in specific patterns. Where does that leave me?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Trying to get organized

E brought home some large boxes tonight so I worked on getting more of the stuff I'm getting rid of clean and boxed up. I'm really starting to wonder what I was thinking when I kept some of this stuff or if I was thinking at all. I've saved sets of sheets I no longer use, partial sets of sheets and came up with a lot spare pillow cases. I can see having a few extra pillow cases and a spare set of sheets or two but what did I plan to do with all the extra ones.

I'm still puttering around on MySpace but I feel tragically out of the loop there. (I was going to say 'tragically un-hip' but that probably demonstrated how not trendy I am.) I've figured out how to add music, I'm adding people I know from the snopes message board and I have a little blog there that end up being a series of odd little little thoughts that seem like non sequiters. I guess it's interesting as something to tinker with, but I don't quite understand the big deal about it. Then again I'm tragically un-hip.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Summer's coming

I can tell that summer is definitely on the way because it's been pretty warm the last few days. It's been nice outside, but the problem is that the front of the house has a southern exposure and heats up like a little oven and then holds the heat. Right now it is around 65 F outside and 80 F inside. I'm hoping with the front door open and the ceiling fans going I can get the temperature down a bit more. It definitely made doing housework interesting, it's not often I work up a sweat doing light cleaning. I survived that by taking a cool shower after I got done, so I don't feel too bad sitting here although I am very thirsty. I'm not sure what to do when it gets even warmer. In the past we've put a window air conditioning unit in the dining area, which is just off the living room, but we've discovered that the condensation from it is damaging the wall under the window. The problem is that without it, being in the living room will be unbearable if the temperatures get pretty high outside. I guess we could see if we could find a slightly newer and smaller unit and try to get it set so it will drain out onto the ground. It's something to sort out in the next few weeks I guess. I will have way of telling how warm it really is here in the front of the house though, we had to replace the wall clock out here and got an atomic clock that also has a thermometer. At least I won't have to go around wondering if it's actually hot out here or if it's just me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I succumed to the peer pressure over a the snopes message board and now have a page on MySpace. It is, of course, pretty lame because I really want to customize stuff but I am just inept enough to have a hard time figuring it out. It's another thing to keep me out of trouble on the nights I'm home by myself I guess. I'm going to have to be careful to not let it interfere with me working on my projects.

It's still crazy at work. I'm still behind on a few things and the work just keeps piling on. I think I'm going to have to really settle in and devote Friday to working on the pile of paper on my desk since next week we have another payment deadline. I'm so glad that the new person starts next month, the extra case load had been killing me.

This is my last day with the birds, E and A should be back anytime now. It's been fun and interesting, but I am looking forward to things going back to normal.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reaching the end of the weekend

Another busy Sunday almost done. I got quite a bit done today. I finished the laundry, vacuumed the bedroom hall and bathroom floors, mopped the bathroom floor, cleaned the litter boxes and worked on another bird toy. I had thought about working on jewelry, but didn't quite get that far. I may try to work on some tomorrow night after work. I've got a few ideas plus I came up with a combination of stones in a bracelet I made last week that I rather like and I want to make one for myself.

As usual I've got company while I type. I really do think the cats like my computer desk more than I do.

This is Camille, and she laying on the desk right next to me. She's using my wallet as a pillow, I'm glad I don't need to get into it for anything right now. I think she may have the right idea though, it's been a long day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lazy Saturday

It's been a pretty quiet day. The birds didn't wake me up until 9 this morning so I got a couple extra hours of sleep. I had gone looking online last night for shoes and discovered some really nice ones in a line from Birkenstock and it turned out that a store here in town had them, and had them on sale so I ran out this morning and picked them up. They are comfortable, have great support and I think they'll work with skirts even so they were definitely a good find. After that I came home did some dishes and got started on the laundry. I also got some pictures taken of the Thor's hammer bracelet I made so I'll be posting thos in my project blog. (Link on the right.) As you can see below Cleo also thinks it's a really quiet, lazy day. Of course, she's a cat so every day is a quiet, lazy day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Almost forgot

I was going to put this in my last post, but forgot.

This is Storm, and I'm still not quite sure how she managed to stay in that spot. I checked for velcro, and there was none so I'm left thinking it was some sort of mystical kitty-fu.

Friday, finally

It's finally the end of the week. Work was crazy again, and I'm still behind even though I got a lot done today. I'm hoping next week goes a bit better, but it's always so hard to tell.

Birds are still here and seem to be doing well. They're definitely being loud at least. They've been very quiet at night with a blanket over the cage so I have high hopes for being able to sleep in a bit tomorrow and Sunday. Unfortunately I won't know how things will go until tomorrow morning.

Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend. I do have to go check on a cat for someone who will be out of town, so I may go look at some shoes Saturday while I'm out. I'm looking for shoes that are comfortable and good for walking but would still look good with a skirt. I've seen some online from Teva that look like they might work, but I'd like to try them on to see how they feel. I'm hoping one if the stores at the mall might have them. Othereise, I just don't know. The only other things I really need to get done are laundry and some dishes. I guess I could vaccum the bedroom too.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bird sitting

I am into my first full day of bird sitting for a week. It's been fun, and they did like the toy I made for them (pictures and description are over in my Projects blog), however I had forgotten how loud they are and the fact that they like to have the people pretty close at all times. I'm starting to get a bit of a headache right now from the noise. I hadn't realized how used to the quiet I had gotten until now. Ah well, I make it, it's only a week.

It's been a busy week at work, what with a deadline to meet on Wednesday and the fact that we all have a bit of extra work until the new person starts next month. I don't mind helping, but I just feel like I don't have room to breath right now. At least I'm not bored.

I have the digital camer right now so I'm hoping to get some pictures of some of the bracelets I've made up in the project blog and maybe a few here too. I'm afraid the ones here will probably be cute pet pictures, so no complaining about it. You have been warned.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too much help

I'm posting tonight with more feline assistance than I probably need. I'm deluding myself that it's because I'm that interesting either, it's because I have a glass of milk. My nightly ritual is to go do my sinus rinse, get my evening medications, get a glass of milk to take them with and come sit here at my computer. Cleopatra, our calico, has learned this and has taken to joining me at the desk in the hope that she'll get some milk. Tonight she did because somewhere in me trying to take my pills and keep the glass away from her she got fur in it. I'm starting to think I just need to stand in the kitchen and take my pills quickly rather than make it part of my before bed relaxation period. Of course then I'd have all the cats hanging around, plus the dog, rather than the one smallish calico. (Now she is sitting on top of the entertainment center looking down like she is supervising my posting. I wonder if she'll proof read for me too?)

Hectic day at work trying to meet a deadline we have tomorrow and getting interrupted by a ton of phone calls. I left work early to go to a dentist's appointment and then ran some errands. I stopped by one of the natural food stores in town while I was out. I don't generally buy into a lot of the things they sell there like the herbal remedies and so on, but I've found that they are a great place to get unusual herbs and spices, hard to find imported foods and they often have some really nice personal care products. Today I was in search of a shampoo and conditioner I had found elsewhere and was lucky enough to find it there. I also found an interesting organic chocolate bar. It's dark chocolate with lavender and blueberries and is wonderful. I only had a couple of pieces because it was so rich, but I may have to go back and get more. Or I may see if I can find the time to go to the other larger natural food store in town and see if they have it or any other chocolate from this company. (The brand is Dagoba, which makes me think of Yoda making chocolate, but it's darn good stuff.)

This blog entry read and approved by her loud and fluffy caliconess, Cleopatra

Monday, May 08, 2006

Survived another Monday

Made it through a long day at work and I even got some stuff done tonight. The sad thing is, nothing really serious happened at work, it just seemed like a long oppressive day. I definitely feel like I was more productive after I got home. I changed the sheets on the bed, managed to get the dirty sheets washed and dried (but not put away) and made a couple more bracelets. I need to try to get some pictures of jewelry for my project blog when I get the camera back on Wednesday. (A had been borrowing it to get pictures of items for the eBay store and will be dropping it off on Wednesday before they leave for their trip to Reno for bowling.) Not much else really I guess. Tomorrow I have the afternoon to go to an appointment with the dentist. Don't be too jealous of me.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A quiet weekend

Nothing really exciting going on here. Most of last week was cold and wet, which is normal spring weather here. I've continued to work on stuff in the house and think I've gotten it in good shape beyond a few big projects. The bird cage arrived at the end of the week so E got it put together and we got the perches and toys arranged in it. E also got all of the litter boxes for the cats emptied and refilled so they'll be easier to keep up on. I got the dishes and laundry done, including getting the quilt washed, vacuumed the laundry room, and I got my paraffin spa emptied, cleaned and refilled. My next few projects are to get the stuff for donation boxed up, and work on getting the closet in the back bedroom rearranged so that I can use it to store fabric and craft supplies. I'd really like to get a door on the closet in the basement so I can shift the clothes down there knowing that they will be safe from the cats. Once I've done that then I can get the other closet rearranged. Of course I also have a bunch of sewing projects and a leather belt to work on and on top of all that I also need to work on jewelry. I'm thinking I may work on some of those projects next weekend.

I'm still trying to make up my mind about getting new dishes, if I do I'm definitely going to donate the old ones since they are still good. I also am considering getting some new towels, but that was inspired by picking up a couple new hand towels. They are so nice and soft I want towels like that too.

The cats have finally settled into how the dog looks and smells now. I think the dog is a lot happier this way, although she isn't quite sure what to make of getting cold. It will be nice for her when we get to summer.