Thursday, December 21, 2006

Viva Las Vegas (part 2)

The original plan for Tuesday was that we were going to go off strip and end up at the Rio because we had a coupon that was for one of their shows plus $10 off their seafood buffet. We ran into a snag when E re-read the coupon and noiced that the coupon wasn't good on Tuesdays because the show was dark that day. We already had plans for Wednesday night which meant that we were left with the choice of not going to a show that night or trying to find a different one that was running. E pulled out his laptop and hopped on the internet to go to the LVA site to look up the list of available shows there. I have been wanting to see one of the Cirque du Soleil shows for some time now so I suggested one of them. E hemmed and hawed, like he has when I've suggested it in the past, but I pushed a bit more and he went to look online at the tickets for Ka. After a bit of waffling on how much we wanted to spend E went with the best tickets available for the late show. I will admit when we got to the theater I was a bit apprehensive because we were directed into the lines to go in by a lady in costume, and the lobby area was full of people in costumes almost doing a pre-show show. I started to think it was going to either be absolutely amazing or really cheesy. We didn't have to wait very long, and the doors to the theater proper opened after one of the costumed characters announced "Travellers form all nations, I welcome you to the village of Ka". The knot of people began to move through the doors and fell silent. When we walked through into the theater it was like walking into a Myst game. There were metal towers connected by different walkways and connected to short towers that came down from the ceiling on both sides of the ampitheater. The stage area also had similar towers on each side. and was open except for a walkway that ran around the front edge of the stage. While we were waiting for the show to start, gouts of flame and puffs of smoke shot up from the void. Part of the fun while waiting was watching the ushers, they were all in costume and actors in their own right. The tickets had said that you had to be in your seats by 9:15, and right about that time things started to happen. I first noticed a figure on one of the towers pulling a bucket up out of the void. E noticed a figure on a platform below the towers to our left. They started to yell at each other and then other figures began to appear to take buckets from the figure I saw and carry them along the walkways between the towers. The yelling continued between the original figures and the new ones and eventually there were figures perched on the railings between the seating sections. And then. . .well we're reaching the end of my ability to describe the show in any coherant fashion. There was too much going on and too many things to try to describe. The basics are that the show follows the adventures of a set of twins trying to find each other and win back their kingdom. The costume and makeup design was heavily influenced by the Chinese and Japanese cultures and probably other Asian cultures as well but I wasn't able to recognise those influences. I spent most of the show sitting there with my mouth open and I would definitely see it again because there was so much going on that I'm sure I missed something. It was absolutely amazing.

On Wednesday morning I went to he spa for my hot stone massage and in the afternoon we took advantage of another coupon and went to see the Mac King comedy magic show. It was somewhat free, you got in after paying for one over priced drink, but that meant we got to see a very good show for $19.98. It was a fantastic show, Mac King is an excellent magician and very funny, and I prefer his style of magic show over the overly pretentious ones. Wednesday night we met up with one of E's co-workers , B, and his wife for dinner. Since B is really into Star Trek we took them to Quark's at the Hilton for dinner and drinks. We then went back to the Imperial Palace to do a bit of gambling.

Our flight home was Thursday night, so we had a little bit of time to do things after we checked out of the hotel. We went over to the Forum Shops to get lunch and then wandered over to the Bellagio to see the conservatory which was beautiful. It was the one thing we saw where we could take pictures and we didn't have the camera with us. Luckily I have a camera phone and was able to get a few pictures. Since this is getting a bit long I'll post those separately later today. After that it was back to the IP to gamble a bit before we went to the airport. The final cab ride was quite interesting, the driver took a a back route and we had a few tense moments as he dodged around trucks and through small gaps in traffic. He got usthere in record time, and in one piece and we were off to check in with Frontier and wait for our flight. We finally made it home a bit before midnight.

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