Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh yeah, I need that on a plane

E and I will be leaving for our annual trip to Las Vegas on Sunday and in preparation, I have gone out to look at the TSA website to see what the new restrictions on carry on items are. They have a very nice set of charts showing you what can be taken in a carry on or not, and I learned a few things. I had no idea it was ok to take pliers under 7 inches in length on a plane in your carry on. That's good for me to know if I ever have to travel with my jewelry making supplies. Some of the other things they have listed really make me wonder, because you know they are one the list because someone tried to take them them on a plane. There is an entire section on tools and it includes axes, hatchets, crowbars, hammers, drills and drill bits (including cordless portable power drills) and saws (including cordless portable power saws). Now, even prior to 9/11, why would anyone think it was a good idea to take power tools or a cattle pod on a plane in your carry on? I know it's rough dealing with the crowds, but what use would a cattle prod be? And power tools, guess it's useful if you plan on doing some carpentry projects during your flight, but otherwise it doesn't make sense to take something that bulky on a plane as a carry on? Under food there are a lot of things that make sense because they are common snack foods, but then you have whipped cream listed. Even on a flight with a meal, what would be the purpose of bringing whipped cream in your carry on?

In the end it really makes me wonder what kind of weird things security people at airports run into. And it makes me wonder if they end up wondering what people were thinking at the end of the day.

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