Friday, December 29, 2006

Nothing to do but wait

It has turned out be a really bad end of the year for us. Yesterday A had some sudden medical problems come up and ended up at the urgent care clinic because her doctor's office could get her in and felt she needed to be seen immediately. We're still waiting on some of the tests to come back, but the initial ones only showed low sodium. Then to add to that, I noticed a lump on Scooter's chin last night and so he went into the vet today. The vet isn't sure what the lump is beyond it not being an abscess or hematoma so Scooter will go in next Wednesday to be sedates have x-rays taken and have a biopsy done. The vet said we won't really know if it's serious or not until all that is done. He said it is a good sign that Scooter is eating and drinking normally and acting normally. Well, as normal as Scooter can act. He's an odd cat with a lot of little quirks.) I ended up spending most of last night hugging Mr. Gobbly and trying to keep from doing too much what-iffing. Of course it didn't work and I've been walking around in a bit of a fog since then. The only things I have to hold onto is the fact that we don't have a firm diagnosis and Scooter survived a head injury no one thought he would.

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