Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas wrap up

Christmas went very well. I enjoy giving gifts as much as I like getting gifts, so a lot of the fun is waiting to see what people think of the gifts I've found for them. The large, intricate pop-up books, one on dinosaurs and one on sharks, we got for my niece were a big hit. Well, at least for as long as anything holds the attention of a four year old. We adults did not exchange large gifts, we just did stocking stuffers but that was fun, trying to find little things that we thought the others would like. I really did well for the guys on that with wide selection of tools.

A was really surprised by some of the things we got for her especially the replacement coco maker,an addition to her Anubis collection a bunch of software and the purple lanyard with parrot charm that I had made for her. E was really surprised by a number of things we got him, particularly the bathrobe (A's idea), the new travel kit (my idea) and the amount of software we got for him.

I got. . .well I got what I really wanted plus a few surprises. I got the usual stocking stuffers, particularly really nice socks from my mother and a selection of bath stuff and hand cream my sister swears is the best ever. E had warned me that he hadn't got me a lot of gifts but he thought I would really like them, so I was a bit surprised to see the number of gifts that I had. It turns out that a few were supposed to go in my stocking but didn't fit so they got wrapped. There was also the not quite a gift card which was money taped to the inside of a card, which was put in a Chef Boyardee pizza kit box, which was then wrapped and put in a gift bag. (Yeah, we don't do gag gifts in my family, we do gag wrapping.) The best part was the two gifts themselves though. I got the 30 GB iPod I had asked for (and didn't expect to get at all because of the cost). E ordered it from Apple directly so he had it engraved with my name and got it in black, of course. The other gift, well for it to make sense is going to take a bit of back story. A few months ago I had found this picture and just fell in love with it. For one I have always been into dinosaurs and the idea of a raptor with a beloved stuffed animal appealed to my sense of the absurd. Yesterday I was particularly intrigued with a very light present, I joked that it a box of air. It ended up being a stuffed T-Rex and as I pulled it out of the box E said "And now you have your own Mr. Gobbly." That's really one of thing I have always loved about him, he is able to come up with unique and absolutely perfect gifts.

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