Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Commercials that set me on edge

I'm home sick again today and that means I've been watching a good amount of daytime TV. In doing that I've been reminded of couple of things.

The first is that I a profoundly grateful for the fact that we have digital cable because it means that I can watch the type of shows I prefer when I'm home sick.

The second is that I hate most jewelry store commercials with a white hot burning hatred. I hate the implication that all women want diamond jewelry and that the only way a man can show his love is by giving the woman/women in his life is to give them diamonds. Here's a news flash folks, not all women like diamonds and some of us prefer to have our loved ones pick gifts based on what they know we would like rather than a guilt trip from a jewelry store. I also hate the idea that the jewelry from one store is somehow superior to what you'd get anywhere else. Unless you are getting a custom piece that you have commissioned there isn't going to be that much difference. The most important thing is that you find the right gift based on what you know a person will like, no matter what that gift is.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Observations on cats IV

Cats want to be completely involved in everything you do. I'm home sick today and decided to inhale steam to try to reduce the pressure in my sinuses. I got myself set up over the bowl of hot water with a towel over my head and was about halfway through when Cami joined me and insisted on laying on the towel. Nowthat I've stopped she has gotten complete comfortable ad islaying here purring.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stop picking!

Yesterday afternoon was much more exciting than I had wanted it to be. A few weeks ago I had damaged the nail on my left thumb at the bottom down by the cuticle and it ended up with a detatched portion. I had carefully trimmed off the detatched portion and thought things were going well because the surface underneath was a bit irritated but still hard. This last week, that layer got rough and irritated and I started picking at it (yes I know I shouldn't, it's the worst of my odd little compulsions) and then it got caught on something and some tore off. The area then got inflamed and distended and by yesterday was very swollen and sore. I was concerned that it was getting infected so we went into the Urgent Care clinic. I had forgotten the interesting range of people you see in the waiting room there. Eventually I made it back to see the doctor and it turns out there were a number of things going on. The first was that the hard layer I had noticed when I first took the damaged portion of the nail off was actually the bottom layer of the nail. When that got damaged and torn this week it irritated everything underneath which caused swelling and blood and other stuff also started collecting which is what caused the area to get distended. I agreed to let her to lift the swollen area and lance it which was an interesting experience. She did a digital block, which is doing injections of a numbing agent at each side of the base of the finger, and after everything was numb went in and did the draining. She said it looked like it was starting to get infected, so I left with a prescription for antibiotics, a dressing that made my thumb look like a small sausage and instruction to change bandages twice a day unless it got wet, and soak the thumb when I do the change.

So, what have I learned from this?

1. The main thing is the title of this post: don't pick! If I'd left it alone I would've been just fine and I could've skipped this whole ordeal.

2. A digital block takes a long time to completely wear off. I was pretty impressed with how good my thumb felt a few hours afterwards, what I didn't realize is that the digital block hadn't completely worn off, when it did my thumb felt like someone had smashed it multiple times with a sledgehammer. Thankfully it feels a lot better today.

3. It's really hard to soak a portion of your hand in warm water when you have cats in the house. I had to keep shooing Rogue away from the water, she seemed to thing it was there for her to drink and play with. The good thing is that the soaking seems to reduce the pressure even if I do have to have feline supervision to do it.

4. It is really hard to do much of anything, particularly make dinner, with your thumb wrapped up to look like a small sausage.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weird weekend

Friday was nice, I slept in, got some errands run and got a good amount of housework done. Saturday I got up at my normal work time and went down to a gem show with some friends. Today I slept in and finished up the housework. At this point my inner clock is completely out of whack. On top of that I ran out of steam this afternoon and didn't end up working on any projects at all. Hopefully I can get something worked on some time this week. I really have got to get back into working on jewelry in particular, because we have so many materials at this point. I also had some sewing I wanted to get done too. I'm just going to have to get myself organized and just get started on things I guess.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The short weeks season

Short work weeks that is. Saturday is Veteran's Day which means that as a state government employee I get Friday off. Then in two weeks we have Thursday off for Thanksgiving, then in a little over 4 weeks we have Monday the 25th off, a week later we have January 1st off and then a couple of weeks later we have Equality Day (Martin Luther King Day) off. Then there are no short weeks until Memorial Day in May. I like having the occasional short week, but it is just crazy this time of year. Add to that our annual Vegas vacation in December and I end up feeling like I will never get caught up at work. The only saving grace is that the day after Thanksgiving ends up being very quiet because people assume we are closed when we aren't and I can get a lot done then.

No big exciting plans for the day off, I have some errands to run, and a bit of early Christmas shopping to work on and then housework and work on some projects for my Etsy store. I hope things will start to sell there, but again I feel like I am in a gulf between trendy, hip handmade items and needlepoint canvas tissue box covers. Maybe I can be a trend setter of sorts, which is really a scary thought, or maybe just open things up for other people. Who knows, but at this point it's nice to get back into working with leather, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I also need to get back into working on jewelry, come up with a project for the snopester craft challenge since I initiated the whole thing, plus I'd like to work out away to do a beaded lanyard for my badge for work. On the lanyard I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to make it, but I need to figure out a couple of things. The first is how how the badge will attach, but I have orders some findings that should work, I'll just need to experiment. The second is coming up with a release for it so it falls off if it hooks on something or someone grabs it. That leaves me in the odd position of trying to find a clasp that will fail, which is the exact opposite of what you look for in a jewelry clasp. I'm going down to another gem and mineral show on Saturday, I'm hoping to get some different styles of clasps that I can test. Once I start working on the lanyard project I will, of course, discuss the process over on my project blog.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Observations on cats III

It's not easy to do crafts that require laying out and cutting the materials when you have cats in the house. I didn't get the camera fast enough to get a picture of Cleo laying with her tail across the ruler and suede. She also laid next to me while I glued the lining onto the tooling leather pieces. I was a bit worried about the glue, but she didn't do much beyond sniff in the general direction of the bottle. Of course the lining pieces have cat hair on them now.