Sunday, October 01, 2006

October already

Wow, how time flies. And how behind I still am on my list of projects, plus I have two jewelry commissions, one of which has to be done byefore Christmas. E and I went up to Blackhawk at the end of last week and stopped by Tandy on our way home so I now have the buckle to work on the belt I promised A some time ago. I also ended up getting a belt cellphone case for E so which pute me a bit more behind project wise, but it's an easy kit and something I should be able to get done in a weekend. The commissions I have worked out for the most part in my mind so I just need to sit down and work on them. Of course there are other things I need to get to work on like sorting through all of my craft supplies in the back room and decicing what is worth keeping. I already started this weekend with some of the old beads I had, the only problem is that they are small so I didn't gain a lot of room. It's a start at least and it will get easier when we get the door for the closet. I also need to get both E and I motivated so we can go through the food storage area and get rid of the old stuff and get him going on moving his computer down into the basement.

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