Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Never mind how it happened

It's been a while since I last posted. I was sick last week and E was sick the week before and it threw everything off. I think I'm finally getting caught back up, but since this is one of those times when we get paid mid week, we're rapidly running out of food so we have to go to the store tomrrow night, which means no serious blogging until the weekend most likely.

One odd little thing that has come up recently is that I've sudden gotten the urge to buy several pieces of art. One of them I understand why I like it so much, it looks like Scooter. The others aren't quite so straightforward. One is because the juxtaposition of elements is silly and just strikes me the right way. The third one does that as well but there's a bit more to it. To explain it I'll need to link to the picture which is here. It definitely stikes the silly side of me, but the more important part is that I identify very strongly with the hamster that is tangled up in the toaster cord. Why? Well I'm a klutz and I seem to have a chaos field, and I can completely see that happening to me. If there's money left after the bills are paid and groceries bought I will have to get that one

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Algae said...

Noemi, I love that picture. What a great understatement. :)