Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cold and snowy

The forcast for today said snow and the weather actually paid attention for a change. It ended up alternating between really fine flakes and huge, fluffy looking flakes, but it did snow most of the day. The dog seems a bit irriated with the fact that we got her trimmed last month so she can't lounge out in the snow, but in the end it's a good thing. (She is a Husky/Shepard mix and her undercoat grown much quicker than the top coat and tangles and mats as it goes. )

My big excitement for the day was the fact that my latest order from Lands End came in today so I get to try out my new winter coat tomorrow. Like any other coat it makes me look a bit bulky but it seems like it is going to be nice and warm, plus it is a bit longer which will save me from ending up with a cold wet butt from sitting in the snow that fell on the seat of the truck when I opened the door. Another one of the items I got is a corduroy cardigan style jacket which will be nice for work since they seem to have decided this winter the office will be cold. I'm not complaining too loudly though because I would prefer it over how warm they had it last year. I never ended up wearing any of my sweaters, and I had almost forgotten that I had them. I can tolerate dressing for a cold office if it's also cold outside, it's hard to get the right balance then it's freezing outside and inside it feels like summer.

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