Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can you be a jewelry geek?

I'm just wondering because I get excited about getting jewelry related stuff the same way a gaming geek gets excited about the latest book or a computer geek gets excited by the newest computer gadget. This time I'm excited because my jeweler's loup came in. It's not top of the line, but it does what I needed it to do. In the process of doing some research on mahjong tiles last month I came across several discussions on how to tell bone tiles from ivory tiles. Apparently a lot of old bone mahjong tiles are passed off as ivory and there are pretty specific ways of telling the two apart. This got me to thinking about the pieces of a bracelet Mom had given me years ago. She had gotten it as a gift from someone who had bought it in Hawaii and had told her that it was made of ivory. She had worn it up until the elastic in it broke, and then the ivory ban came into effect and she left it in her jewelry box. At some point she gave it to me, and I had held onto the pieces not sure what to do with them so they got stuck in a box and put in the back room. I dug them out and took a closer look at them using the criteria I had found and wasn't able to tell for sure, so I ordered the loup. Using it I am now sure that those are high quality bone carvings rather than ivory which means I can actually use them in pieces. I guess that means I better get my act together and start working on stuff again.

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