Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's been a while

Lots of odds and ends of things going on here. I had a leather project that I finished up last week and that kept me pretty busy. I've also been doing some experimenting with using silver wire for jewelry, but I need to get more materials and better tools to do more with that. Next weekend is the Gem and Mineral Show and Bead Renaissance show in Denver so we will have a fun weekend of shopping for stuff for the business and I'm hoping to find what I need there. If not I've located some of it on the internet and order it when we get home.

This weekend I'll be doing some canning. It doesn't look like it was a good year for pickling cucumbers, all I could find at the farmer's market today were small ones. I got a quarter bushel of the cucumbers and I'm expecting 8 to 10 jars out of it. Thankfully I had already done 5 quarts of pickles using cucumbers from our garden, and we have another batch that will be ready soon, so I think we should end up with a decent number of jars. I've decided that I like doing it in smaller amounts like this, it is a lot less stress and work for me so we may end up planing one garden plot of pickling cucumbers next year so I can just do a few jars at a time.

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