Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Observations on animals

I came home from work today to discover that the birds had partially chewed apart one of their toys. Parrots are pretty destructive so I wasn't surprised about the destruction, just how fast they had done it because the toy was mostly intact this morning. It's been fun having them here. A has been working on encouraging whistling and cheeping over sqwaking, so I've spent a lot of time responding to their whistling with my own whistling. I don't always whistle very well so I expect they think I have an awful accent, but it's interesting because I feel like we're having a conversation.

In other animal related observations, I've realized what the dog across the street was trying to say. I suppose I should back up a little bit. Our house is on a corner and directly across the street is a duplex. It's front door faces the cross street so we face the side of it. In the past couple of months new people moved into that side and they have a medium to large sized dog that has a Shepard/Akita sort of look. He was in a dog run and spent most of his time barking. He used to bark at me when I walked into the front yard but I could get him to calm down by saying something. Recently I've noticed that he's had free run of the yard if his people are at home and he doesn't seem to bark as much. I'm starting to think when he was barking before he was saying "Hey! Hey, you! You with the opposable thumbs! You wanna come over and open this gate for me!?!?"


BeowulfGirl said...

I have a huge family of VULTURES that live across the street. Every morning they congregate in the road and stare at my car, not aware that it isn't a new friend. I would much rather be looking at dogs or cats!

Noemi said...

I agree. Even a dog that barks a lot would be much better than a family of vultures.