Friday, August 11, 2006

Much better day

Today has bee much more productive than last night. I slept in a bit, had a nice relaxing few cups of coffee this morning and got 3 more bracelets made. I'm planning on working on earrings this afternoon when A comes over. The only thing I really have left to worry about for tomorrow is getting the rest of the stuff packing and I may need E to dig a plastic bin out of the basement for that.

I'm going to be putting another batch of pictures up on my project blog today too and I hope to get at least on picture taken tonight of the triple stand aquamarine and silver bracelet I made early in the week. That's one I want to make for myself now, but I have to wait for the silver beads I ordered to come in since we didn't have enough left. (Plus the design uses enough of them that I'm not comfortable taking that many away from the business. I bought this batch of beads myself and I'll just use what I need and give the rest to the business.)

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