Sunday, August 06, 2006

All alone again, more or less

E and A left for their Vegas vacation today so it's me, the cats, the dog and the birds until Friday. E called a little over an hour ago to say they had made it and it was really hot, so I'm glad I'm not there with them since I don't do well in the heat. The birds are doing well so far and the cats haven't been bothering them too much so far.

I got up a bit earlier than usual so I could be sure to have everything ready, and be somewhat awake, when E and A stopped by with the birds so I've gotten a lot done today. I'm about ready to eat dinner and then I think I may work on some jewelry. I had a really great idea come to me last night as I was falling asleep and I'm hoping to get it worked out and made this week. Hopefully I can get a picture from that one before the show.

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