Friday, July 07, 2006

Where did all the nuts come from?

I'm relieved it's finally Friday it was a week of stupid questions and weird people at work. In all honesty, I'm really not suited to work with the public. I don't have much patience and I get too frustrated when they don't seem to be able to understand simple concepts. I've always been like that and it means that as a rule I'm happiest if I can avoid dealing with other people. The one blessing is at this job we all end up venting about that sort of thing so it isn't as bad as my last job where hardly anyone got as frustrated as I did and didn't understand why I needed to vent. (Of course at my last job a lot of my co-workers frustrated me because they were just as clueless as the people who called in. I don't have that problem with my immediate co-workers at this job.) The one thing that has remained the same is that there are certain things that the people I have to deal with say that really frustrate me and this week I got most of them. The worst one, and the one I hate to say, is people who have to pepper their conversation with 'God bless you'. It's not because I'm heathen either, it's that it seems so very insincere to use it a lot in a conversation and for very little things. It makes sense if I've just let you know the case for a catastrophic injury to a family member is open because it's good news at a very stressful time. It doesn't make sense if I've just told you that the injury report you filed isn't in the system yet and I will have to review it before I make a determination. At that point I've just politely said you're in limbo, why say 'God bless you' at that point? It just raises all sorts of red flags for me and I have several people who did that this week.

Ah well, at least it's over and I have a weekend to recharge before I jump back into the fray.

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