Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend of ups and downs

Another busy Sunday here. I've gotten almost all of my chores done so I may actually try to work on jewelry some tonight. I really need to since I didn't get much done Friday. I also got some more pictures added to my projects blog, this time of some of the silver bracelets I've made.

Yesterday was an odd day. We went down to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see the Body Works 2 exhibit, but when we arrived we found out that there had been a power outage and the museum was closed. We did get some vouchers for free admission to an IMAX show and were told that we could reschedule for a different day or get a refund once the museum reopened. It seemed silly to drive all the way home right away so we went up to Central City, had lunch and did a little bit of gambling. Today I called the museum and was able to reschedule our tickets for next Saturday so hopefully we can actually get in to see the exhibit then.

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