Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wearing blinders

I mentioned over in my projects blog I went down to a gem show with some friends yesterday. The show was fun, and I got some new stuff for us to work with for the business. The drive home, however, ended up being rather frustrating. In the course of the drive we ended up in a discussion on documentaries and one of my friends, L, said he didn't think much of the History channel because he saw a show because he knew for sure what they had said was wrong because Buddhism was a newer religion. I mentioned I didn't think that was right, but he swore it was because he learned it in the college course he took on comparative religions 10 years ago. His wife, D, nodded and strongly agreed with him. I checked when I came home, discovered that I was right and emailed him to let him know the correct information. After a short email exchange he said it was important to know the whole story and then said he saw the show a year ago and may not be remembering it correctly. I'm resisting the urge to email back and say if he doesn't know if he remembered the show correctly then why did he use it as the support for his argueement. I'm also trying to keep from emailing back and pointing out that he has sidestepped the fact that he was wrong about the age of Buddhism and that was what I was correcting him on. E told me I should've expected that response because L always sidesteps or ignores things that don't fit in his view of the world and D will support him blindly no matter what sort of ridiculous things he says. I guess it works for them, L is very proud of the fact that they've never really argued about anything their entire marriage, but it seems too restrictive to me. There's no room for disagreement or correction, no reason to evaluate your world view, no reason to try to learn new things or discover you may be wrong about something.

It makes me very glad that E and I (and A and I to a lesser extent) are not like that. We disagree and have differing opinions on a number of topics and we aren't afraid to disagree in public or say something if we think one of the others is doing something dumb or has incorrect information. Yes it means that we don't present that united family unit front, but I think in the long run it's healthier because we have to think and consider and keep learning and growning. The only down side is that it is damn hard not to say I told you so at times.

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