Sunday, June 11, 2006

We really have a garden

We've got little vegetable plants coming up all over the place in the garden. The only thing I haven't seen is dill, which is a bit disappointing but I haven't given up hope since it is a weed. It does mean that we have to have a different plant growing where it isn't supposed to be for this year. It turns out that it is corn. Seeds from the old corn cobs got scattered on one side of the garden, then got tilled in and now there are little corn plants coming up all over the place. I think the fact that I have been trying to water the garden every night rather than doing a huge long watering we did last year has helped quite a bit. It's also a lot easier when I only have to work around my own water usage. I'm really excited to see how it all turns out and hopefully if we get a good yield I can work on trying to do a bit more canning. I have promised A that I'll try to do some tomatoes without salt that she can use for the birds and I'll do pickles of course. I will try to do jam again too, but I'll wait until I can get fruit or berries at Farmer's Market for that. I'll try to keep from letting it boil over this time too.

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