Friday, June 02, 2006


I love having a three day weekend, but I hate how you get five days of craziness at work shoved into four days. We also have someone out due to a family emergency so I'm trying to keep their work queue from getting unmanageable. I keep hoping things settle down, but it doesn't seem to be happening so I'll just keep plugging along.

Wednesday was payday so I got to feel rich for a brief moment before I began to pay the bills. Then everything went back to normal. It is nice to be able to pay all the bills, get groceries, put money in the savings account and have a bit of money left. Even better we are slowly getting things paid off which helps as well. I'm just glad that we finally got to this point, because it definitely didn't feel like we ever were going to. Things are going to continue to get better too because starting next month both E and I will get the 3.5% raise that went through and E will finally get reclassified so he will get an additional raise on top of that which is supposed to be pretty nice. After that we will need to sit down and work out what to do with the money. I'd definitely like to put a bit more in savings a month but I'm not sure what else beyond that.

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