Thursday, June 22, 2006

Office drama

I can't really write too much about what I do at work, but I figure I can write about some of the odd things that go on behind the scenes as it were.

Right now we appear to have a situation going on. It started last Monday. I was out of the office sick, but apparently one of my co-workers, B, wanted to forward an email she had received from someone in another group, S, to our supervisor and gripe a bit because she felt that person was slacking off. Instead she replied and sent it back to him. It sounds like it was rather ugly at the time, but it seemed like it had settled down. Last Thursday I started wondering because a group of us get together to order breakfast on Thursdays and B is the person that collects the money and calls in the order. S and a few other people from that group usually order as well, but didn't. I wondered if it was huirt feelings, but it turns out that they had a carry-in for someone's birthday. Fast forward to today. B has been out sick for most of the week, so someone else did the order. When she called it in she found out that S had already called in a small order for their group, even after she had made sure go and ask if they wanted to order with us. He had told her no. Now it's possible that he didn't want to tell her that he'd already ordered, but that seems a really odd thing to lie about. It's also possible that he might have thought she had already ordered, but that doesn't explain how their order was put in before ours was. Those of us who know about the email fiasco think the other group is being petty and trying to get back at B. The funny part is that if they think they're going to get back at B this way they're in for a big surprise. It won't stop us from ordering as we can easily get a large enough order with out anyone from that group, plus it is better for B because she is dealing with a smaller order overall. I'm not sure if they realize it, but in the end it had backfired completely because it didn't hurt anyone, it actually would help B in the long run and they ended up looking like fools to other people in our office and the restrant we order from.

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