Friday, June 23, 2006

Office drama part 2

B was back at work today and I talked to her about what happened yesterday. She feels pretty badly about the whole thing because she feels like it's all her fault. I pointed out that while she made the initial mistake it's S and that group that are dragging it out and making it worse. I also found out that S hasn't actually come over and talked to B about it all. He got upset and went to his supervisor who then went to our supervisor who went back to B and then B apologized to S. To me that makes the whole petty incident from yesterday even worse because B has apologized, there isn't anything else she can do and S is doing this petty around the back attempt at revenge rahter than actually talking to B about it. I'm not surprised, because it seems completely in character for S, but I do find it funny because he's one of those guys that is full of talk and bluster. It's nice to see I was right and he really is all blow and nothing else.

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