Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another day, another infection?

I survived the crud that is going around at work and still ended up with a sinus infection. I know I should be used to this pattern by now, but it still get frustrating. This time Doc M* decided to run a scope into my nose to get a good look at eveything and that's not something I want to go through again. He couldn't get into the left sinus at all and had a darn hard time getting into the right sinus because of the inflammation, both of which worries me a bit. He didn't seem too worried about it, but I'm vaguely paranoid about things like that. I end up wondering if it's something I've done wrong or a problem I've caused, I guess it's probably and aspect of the obsessive part of my brain because it's so hard to let go of those thoughts. It's better now than it has been but I still wonder and worry a bit. He did say it looked like another infection and sent me on my way with my usual prescription for antibiotics so hopefully I can get it taken care of for a few months at least.

The good thing is that my sinus infections are very responsive to first line antibiotics. For one I'm allergic to some of the higher end ones (the class Cipro is in so no anthrax for me) and two it means that thus far I've avoided ending up with any nasty resistant strains. It does take a pretty high dosage and a longer course than normal though which generally shocks people, but I've been dealing with sinus infections for so long it's necessary. Thankfully I don't some of the adverse side effects like yeast infections, but I do have problems with my stomach towards the end of the course so I'll have to get yoghurt when we go shopping this weekend.

* This is to differentiate between my rheumatologist and my ENT doctor since they have the same last intial.

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