Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Trying to get organized

E brought home some large boxes tonight so I worked on getting more of the stuff I'm getting rid of clean and boxed up. I'm really starting to wonder what I was thinking when I kept some of this stuff or if I was thinking at all. I've saved sets of sheets I no longer use, partial sets of sheets and came up with a lot spare pillow cases. I can see having a few extra pillow cases and a spare set of sheets or two but what did I plan to do with all the extra ones.

I'm still puttering around on MySpace but I feel tragically out of the loop there. (I was going to say 'tragically un-hip' but that probably demonstrated how not trendy I am.) I've figured out how to add music, I'm adding people I know from the snopes message board and I have a little blog there that end up being a series of odd little little thoughts that seem like non sequiters. I guess it's interesting as something to tinker with, but I don't quite understand the big deal about it. Then again I'm tragically un-hip.

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