Sunday, May 21, 2006

Summer's coming

I can tell that summer is definitely on the way because it's been pretty warm the last few days. It's been nice outside, but the problem is that the front of the house has a southern exposure and heats up like a little oven and then holds the heat. Right now it is around 65 F outside and 80 F inside. I'm hoping with the front door open and the ceiling fans going I can get the temperature down a bit more. It definitely made doing housework interesting, it's not often I work up a sweat doing light cleaning. I survived that by taking a cool shower after I got done, so I don't feel too bad sitting here although I am very thirsty. I'm not sure what to do when it gets even warmer. In the past we've put a window air conditioning unit in the dining area, which is just off the living room, but we've discovered that the condensation from it is damaging the wall under the window. The problem is that without it, being in the living room will be unbearable if the temperatures get pretty high outside. I guess we could see if we could find a slightly newer and smaller unit and try to get it set so it will drain out onto the ground. It's something to sort out in the next few weeks I guess. I will have way of telling how warm it really is here in the front of the house though, we had to replace the wall clock out here and got an atomic clock that also has a thermometer. At least I won't have to go around wondering if it's actually hot out here or if it's just me.

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