Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lazy Saturday

It's been a pretty quiet day. The birds didn't wake me up until 9 this morning so I got a couple extra hours of sleep. I had gone looking online last night for shoes and discovered some really nice ones in a line from Birkenstock and it turned out that a store here in town had them, and had them on sale so I ran out this morning and picked them up. They are comfortable, have great support and I think they'll work with skirts even so they were definitely a good find. After that I came home did some dishes and got started on the laundry. I also got some pictures taken of the Thor's hammer bracelet I made so I'll be posting thos in my project blog. (Link on the right.) As you can see below Cleo also thinks it's a really quiet, lazy day. Of course, she's a cat so every day is a quiet, lazy day.

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