Friday, May 26, 2006

Dysfunction among other things

Finally at the end of another week. I'm still feeling drastically behind at work, but I'm hoping that with the employer meeting I had today out of the way my stress level will go down a bit. It doesn't help that it's a three day weekend near the end of the month and we're almost broke. The only saving grace is that Wednesday is payday.

Due to a thread over on the ULMB I've been thinking a bit about being dysfunctional. The thread is mainly focused on sexually related things that may be considered dysfunctional, but I've found it rather frustrating because it seems a bit too narrow. It seems like people focus on things that they consider dysfunctional related to sex and ignore the fact that we are all dysfunctional in some way or another. Why write off the fact that someone has to do things in a specific order or way as a quirk but have to label the fact that your sexual pleasure is tied to submission as a dysfunction? Both of them are. Maybe this point of view comes from the fact that I am acutely aware of my dysfunctions or maybe it's because I see things differently. I'm not sure. Of course it's set up a flurry of thoughts going about my quirks and dysfunctions and I'm starting to wonder if I'm really much worse off than I think I am. I'm definitely better getting treatment for the dysthymia, but I still have to make allowances for my social anxiety and I am happiest if I can do things in specific patterns. Where does that leave me?

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