Friday, April 07, 2006

You have the day off. . .no, just kidding!

Odd day today. The phone rang around a quarter to 6 this morning, I didn't get functional enough to grab the phone so A answered it. It was my supervisor calling to say that work was cancelled for us. She came up to tell me and I had to get up and look outside and it didn't look that bad. I was puzzled so I turned on the radio and they announced it too. Let the dog out, and it was very windy and the road looked pretty icy so I figured that was the reason for it. A got a call from her office saying they had to be in at noon. E said he was awake going to stay up, so I went back to bed and after a while went back to sleep. Got up around 10:30 and it looked pretty good outside. Around noon my supervisor called to say they had reconsidered and wanted up to go in at 1:00 if we could. All I had planned to do was getting some laundry done and take care of a few other things so I went in. It was incredibly quiet so I got a bunch of stuff done which was good.

The big downer for today was that A was supposed to do the closing for her trailer today and couldn't because the title company closed. It's rescheduled for Monday which isn't bad but it was very disappointing for her. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing but there's no going back at this point. I just need to settle into the idea that A needs to try this out to see if she can do it.

We have a big weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow we have the arts competition that I'm entering the satchel in so we have to be up to get there in time for me to check in. Thankfully it's taking place around 10 minutes away. Then on Sunday we are going to go get a new vaccum which I'm pretty excited about. (I think it's a true sign of adulthood to be really excited about things like that.)

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