Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm back

Did anyone miss me? I probably don't update this enough for anyone to notice an absence of a few days I expect. At any rate, I had an exciting few days. I started having problems logging into the internet Sunday night which continued into Monday. E fiddled around with things and came up with a few possible causes. Thankfully it was the least expensive one and here I am. My Thor's hammer bracelet also went missing over the weekend, but E found it in his car late Monday night. E is pretty much my hero at this point.

It's been a quiet night for the most part. I thought about doing dishes, but didn't. Thought about taking a shower and did. Had to go out into the backyard to do something a little bit ago and the dog across the alley started barking and hasn't quit. (I feel sorry for the dog but I think it may drive me crazy because you don't even have to get to the back part of the yard for it to start barking.) I also read a large backlog of email, checked on some stuff on eBay and checked the bank account. I guess I actually did do a good amount of stuff tonight.

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Zigrida said...

Nope, I was gone too
Will catch up with your doings tomorrow.