Monday, April 10, 2006

Exciting evening after an ordinary day

Had a busy day at work, worked on a bit of jewelry this evening, nothing exciting. It was so nice today I had the front door open to get some fresh air in the house and when I walked back into the living room a bit a go I noticed multi-colored lights flashing outside. I went over to the door and there is an ambulance parted at our neighbor's house with a fire truck pulling up. It looked like our neighbor was moving when they brought her out on the gurney, and they didn't go blazing off with the sirens going so it wasn't a huge emergency, but I'm still a bit worried.


Zigrida said...

How times have changed.
When I was a girl I kept a diary where I expressed the days happenings and how I felt under lock and key.

This sitting at a keyboard late at night seems a bit lonely. I write to someone who is 7 hrs ahead of me (EDT) at least my letter is the first one they see when they wake up.

Hope your neighbor is ok. Its been two days.

By the way how do you people find each other here? If its wasn't for MT's prayer I would have never found you.

Noemi said...

I saw my neighbor in her yeard yesterday when I came home for lunch, so I think everything is OK. I haven't had a chance to go over and talk to her though.

I'm not sure how people find each other here. You are the first person I don't know from somewhere else that has commented on my blog.

Sneezeforever said...

I am still digesting your comment.

"You are the first person I don't know from somewhere else."

In other words you are familiar with the other bloggers who log on this site. Right?

Well, anyway good to sit down after a day of dirty work out in the yard.

By the way, again, I found myself here through another blogger when I was searching for info on who the next UN Secretary General will be. When I saw the URL address the light bulb went off.

Sneezeforever said...

Oh forgot to tell you, Zigrida and Sneezeforever are the same.

Like I said did not realize where I was till I registered again and it rejected "Zigrida" as already being used.

Noemi said...

I'm only familiar with a few of the other bloggers here, probably 5 or 6 of them in total. I suppose someday I should try to link to them.