Sunday, April 23, 2006

Busy day

It's been another busy day. I got the rest of the laundry done, got the trash out to be picked up tomorrow, did a lot of dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I even pulled out some things I never use and plan to get rid of them. I'll find out if A wants them first and if she doesn't they will go in with the other things in the donate pile. The big advantage to all of this cleaning of course, is that once I have it done then I can just do touch up cleaning and it won't be quite so overwhelming.

The downside is that even though I didn't do that much, I'm exhausted and my hands and wrists are really bothering me now. I'm worried that I'm going to have problems tomorrow because of this, but I guess I'll work around it. It definitely means I'm not going to be working on jewelry tonight like I planned, I can't imagine doing that while my hands don't seem to want to work well. I'm never sure if I should be relieved or disappointed that just about the time I start wondering if anything is really wrong with me that I have a day where I do a lot and end up feeling this way.

They are forecasting snow for tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. I've lived here for most of my life so I know snow in the spring is normal, but I just hate having to drive in it and I hate the slushy mess we end up with when it starts to melt. At least I don't have to try to get the trash taken out in the snow.

(4/25/06 For anyone who read this earlier I had problems connecting to the internet right after I edited this post Sunday night and the changes never went through. Thankfully E, being the computer/network god that he is, was able to figure out the problem and I am back on the internet. Good thing too, I think I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms.)


Zigrida said...

Been busy myself. Sounds like you live in Colorado.
I have good friends who live about an hour west of Denver.
While you were busy inside I was busy w/loppers on my apple and kwazant tree.
Yup April is your muddy season but here at the Jersey shore most of the winter is that way.

Well I think its time for me to hit the sack, caught up on all my correspondence.

Noemi said...

Close, I'm a bit further north in Wyoming. The weather is very similar to Colorado's for the most part, although I think we get more wind.