Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Monday

Not much going on tonight. I finished up my documentation and it's ready to be copied. The bag still looks good and I'm starting to feel better about how it turned out. I did some shopping on eBay for more silver for the all silver bracelet experiement, luckily I've found a seller based in the US so I'll probably get everything this week. I really need to sit down and work on some more silver stuff since I sold one of the bracelets last Friday and I'd like to have several for A to have for sale at the event.

It was a rough day at work because I had to deal with a case that will be denied because of the employer objecting. I talked to the injured worker several times during the day and that just drains me. I have some denials to do that will be equally difficult that I have to work on tomorrow. The scary thing is, I really like my job, it's just that some days leave me an empty husk huddled in the corner. I guess I should back up a bit because I've never said what I do at work up to now. I deal with workers' compensation claims and for a lot of reasons, mainly privacy requirements for my job, I'll leave it at that. It also means anything I say about the things I do will have to be pretty general as well.

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